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Welcome to Kwan-Tec Technologies LTD

As an operator of Tracking and telematics Management Technology, Kwantec Technologies is an advance location and tracking Service Company focused on the management of vehicle tracking, stolen vehicle recovery, fleet management, driver behavior and innovative vehicle security, safety & GPS tracking solutions.

Based on the world’s advance technology designed by our focused and intelligent team, our service portfolio includes state-of-the-art security technology and tracking devices, enabling greater protection and better management of vehicles and valuable assets to our clients.

At Kwantec Technologies our services are accurate and focused on delivery the best to our clients in terms of safety, security and management, however our products are designed, developed and manufactured for these services for security and GPS tracking systems and solutions.

Kwan-Tec Technologies designs the products from start to finish which includes unique features for tracking all kinds of vehicles and managing driver behavior. We provide services for clients in the asset protection industry which includes Public transport, Mining, Oil, Gas and other heavy equipment industries.