Temperature Sensor

Kwan-Tec’s temperature solution.



KeyPad – For Driver Identification

Kwan-Tec’s Keypad is a multi function 6 keys keyboard device, used for driver identification using ID



LCA – Security System

The LCA comes with or without a Proximity Remote and can integrate with Tracking device using the eNet communication line. When installed, the following functions are provided
- Notifications: Alarm activation, alarm status changes (Arm/Disarm), valet mode
- Commands (remote): Arm/disarm, door unlock, engine block, siren activation. The Tracking device constantly communicates with the alarm system, and responds to changes in alarm status and to alerts.The LCA alarm type includes: Brain, remote control, detectors



eCut Immobilizer

The eCut Immobilizer is a keypad disarming immobilizer application with two cut units:

  • Wired cut unit
  • Wireless immobilizer

Using the wireless cut unit, it will be very difficult for the car thieves to locate the cut in the wire. For example, users install the wireless cut unit on the fuel pump wire (+12V). This way it will take a lot of time to find the cut or to replace the wire with a new one in order to ignite the vehicle.

The eCut Immobilizer does not connect to a trackgin device, it is used as a “stand alone” solution for anti-theft applications based on an advanced programmable keypad.