Fleet Management


Fleet Management systems usually offer numerous requirements. Some require only GPS information such as location, speed and direction, to be periodically reported to the call center, whereas others may ask for advanced services and features that can be dynamically integrated into the Tracker device as a standard. Kwan-Tec’s Fleet Management Service includes the following devices:
The fuel sensor provides a real-time fuel level report, which can then be used to produce fuel consumption statistical reports. Real-time fuel fraud alerts (GPRS or SMS) are provided 24/7, including when the car/truck is parked.The Dallas iButton driver ID key provides a simple and cost-effective technology for driver Identification. The Tracker reports the identity of the driver and optionally disables the engine starter for unauthorized drivers.To increase driver safety, the SOS button and the harsh braking sensor could be integrated. Once the SOS button is pressed, a distress call is sent to the call center in order to locate the driver and remotely assist him. The harsh braking sensor triggers the Tracker for every severe deceleration (powerful braking) – this statistical information is vital for the fleet driver safety education program.The  Tracker device offers:

  • A Modular system – it can be used for standard applications but also for high-end systems
  • It provides statistical information about fuel consumption and dangerous driving.
  • It can be used to increase driver’s safety and supervision.


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