Fuel Management & Fuel Theft Alert


The eFuel is a simple and accurate analog fuel level reader, intended to report and alert fuel level, fuel consumption, fuel theft and refueling events using the vehicle / truck original fuel floating system.
The eFuel converts the analog outputs and/or electric pulses from the floating fuel level sensor into a unique firmware.The firmware apply sophisticated algorithms into the real time data and convert it into a stable output (in Liters or gallons) directed to simple and clear events. One of the unique features is that the eFule has a pull-up mechanisms designed to monitor changes during IGNITION off(!). 

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  • Easy installation
  • One time calibration
  • Input voltage levels: 0 – 30V
  • Low power consumption
  • Fuel Theft alert- Alerting when fuel is stolen during ignition on/off
  • Refuel notification
  • Sophisticated algorithm that stable real time data input into a stable clear output in Liters / Gallons
  • Full over the air update and configuration
  • Ability to use more than one eFuel device in multiple fuel tank vehicles