Driver & Vehicle Safety


Driver and passenger safety has emerged as one of the leading concerns for the automotive industry. Monitoring and controlling real time Drivers and Vehicles can help you to reduce accidents, thus, reduce risks and safe life.

The eSafe offers the best and easy to install solution for driver and vehicle safety. With more then 20 parameters such as: Harsh acceleration / Harsh Braking, lane change, right / left turns, off road the eSafe preform the most accurate and reliable Driver Behaviour analyzer. The eSafe can detect Vehicles maneuvers in 3 different levels: Normal; Aggressive and Dangerous.

The eSafe is the ultimate Driver Behaviour solution that will minimize careless driving, increase driver safety and lower vehicle maintenance costs.

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  • Easy installation
  • 3-level maneuver identification:
    - Normal
    - Aggressive
    - Dangerous
  • Auto-transmit
  • External visual alert system
  • Visual alert LED
  • Full scale maneuver-alert reports
  • Black-box mode device:
  • - Accident detection
    - 3 axis records of 45Sec before the impact and 30Sec after the impact
    - Records events every 10m/sec
  • Over The Air update



  • Outputs: LIN, ignition
  • Acceleration 10 m/sec
  • Storage temperature – 40 to 85°C
  • Operating temperature -20 to 70°C
  • Max. Relative Humidity 90 (±5%)
  • Dimensions: 3X1X2.9 cm
  • Operating Voltage: 8-32Vdc
  • Power Consumption @ 12Vdc
    Typical (online): 30-50 mA