Vehicle Tracking


Tracker is a GSM/GPS car module, designed for 12V/24V installations, which communicate with the back office server over Cellular (TCP/IP) network or text. Tracker provides a wide range of services from basic tracking through I/O monitoring and full AVL supervision to emergency services and security application.The hardware includes a 10-pin connector and wiring cable and a SIM card slot (push-push type). The 2 side-fixing holes are available for easy zip-tie fixing. Special software features such as remote parameter configuration, component diagnostics and Over The Air programming, provide the ability to maintain or adjust the StarLink system according to its specific system characteristics. 
The Tracker platform enables a wide range of advanced AVL services:

  • Basic track and trace elements
  • Smart roaming mode
  • Data logger
  • Emergency services (Crash report and black-box recording)
  • Driver ID
  • Fuel and temperature control
  • Security alarm system
  • Voice system (with full KeyPad activation or single button)
  • CANBus support


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  • Quad band GSM/GPRS modem
  • Embedded Cellular/GPS antennas
  • 2 com ports, enabling the use of ERM’s wide range of accessories
  • Internal backup battery
  • Text alerts
  • backup battery
  • Self-tracking mode
  • Enhanced battery management
  • Reduced size for quick and easy installation
  • Home/Roaming management
  • Geo-Fence management and alert
  • Remote immobilizing capabilities
  • Configurable speed alert
  • Firmware Over The Air update (FOTA)
  • Built-in data logger
  • GSM/GPRS jamming detection with text alerts
  • Alert feature
  • Panic button
  • Keep-alive mechanism

  • Driver ID – Dallas iButton / numeric KeyPad
  • Alarm – Remote controlled/anti-hijack LCA eNet alarm
  • Voice – eCall support, high sensitivity microphone, speaker and activation button/dialer
  • Temperature – Dallas iButton type
  • Fuel – Fuel theft and consumption adapter
  • eSafe – BlackBox and Accident Detector, Impact sensor, up to 8G detection (preset)