Security Services (SVR)


ERM’s offering for SVR (Stolen Vehicle Recovery) service providers includes a modular solution for each need:Immobilizer, Alarm System and Tracking even if the cellular/GPS is jammed by a jammer.Alarm System: The Tracker interfaces with the LCA Car Alarm System and transmits real-time security status information over the air.On-screen monitoring of the security I/O status such as arm/disarm, alarm siren, engine-kill relay, door/hood status (open/closed), tow detection (when engine is off) and more. Kwan-Tec provides proven, “off the shelf” alarm and immobilizer equipment. Basic security products are easily modified and customized to your specific needs.
The Tracker, interfaces with the LCA and transmits real-time security status information via its data link. The unit pinpoints the vehicle’s accurate location using internal GPS and communicates with the monitoring center in real-time to provide the vehicle’s location in the event of theft (SVR).Immobilizer System:Adding eCut Hammer immobilizer system into the solution adds even more peace of mind. The two cut immobilizer unit offers to delay the thieves while searching for the wireless cut unit installed somewhere (usually cutting the fuel pump +12v wire) in the vehicle and disabling them to run the vehicle.Jamming Solution:On top of all these features, using Kwan-Tec’s patented eConnect tracking device, elbows the SVR service provider to locate the vehicle whereabouts even if the hijacker uses a jammer!

Kwan-Tec’s SVR solution offers the following benefits:

Reduced size - for easy installation and concealment inside the vehicle for maximum security protection
Low power consumption - optimum solution when power consumption is critical
Modularity - ability to add/remove components and features
Control - easy software modifications
Reliability - proven technology and high standards